Software Engineering services


🆘 Project rescue

I will help you get your Kotlin Android development project back on track if it's falling behind schedule, over budget, or experiencing quality issues.
I will conduct a thorough review of your project and provide you with a detailed analysis of the issues that need to be addressed. From there, I will work with you to develop a plan of action to get your project back on track.

🧑‍💻 Code review and process optimization

Thorough review of your mobile app code with a focus on identifying bugs and areas for improvement. You will get detailed feedback and suggestions for optimizing your code to improve performance, scalability, and maintainability. Additionally,
I can help you develop and implement effective testing strategies to ensure that your software is of the highest quality.
I will work with you to develop customized solutions to streamline your workflows, reduce errors, and improve the quality of your software.

🎓 Team training and coaching

Highly customized training and coaching for your software engineering team, with a focus on improving their skills and knowledge of Kotlin, Android and best software engineering practices.
I will work with you to design a program that meets your team's specific needs and goals, and provide ongoing support to ensure that they are able to implement what they learn effectively. This will improve team morale, productivity and as a result, overall quality of your software.